FOCAL 3 way Ultima active kit, two 8” drivers, two 6” drivers and premium Beryllium tweeters

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Ultima is an active audio kit designed and developed from the best of Focal technologies, from the most prestigious hi-fi speakers.

New acoustics reference, true hi-fi system, Ultima is composed of a real mid-bass developed from the Grande Utopia EM midrange associated with its pure Beryllium tweeter with IAL2 technology and two 8″ subwoofers designed for the high-end professional monitoring system SM9.

Ultima Active System Advantages

  • Speaker developed from the best Focal loudspeakers (Grande Utopia EM & SM9)
  • Very good tonal balance and natural reproduction even of the “extreme” frequencies (treble and low bass frequencies)
  • Natural frequencies connection between tweeter & woofer
  • Powerful subwoofer with high SPL (low load volume in the ported enclosure)
  • The best of the technology for a very high-end hi-fi sound
  • Ultima kit is delivered in a Black Satinwood case including authenticity certificate, service manual, Focal tool CD for settings.
  • Composition of the Kit


  • Woofer aluminium ring
  • Fixing screw kit (woofer, subwoofer, tweeter)
  • Grilles for tweeter
  • Authenticity certificate
  • Focal tool CD