FOCAL P30 F 12” Flax subwoofer, 400W RMS, 27Hz-500Hz, for sealed or ported enclosures

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P30F Description

P30F is a 30cm (12’’) subwoofer designed for a 28.3-litre sealed enclosure or a 40-litre-bass-reflex enclosure.

With 400 Watts RMS power handling and a frequency response from 27 to 500Hz. The largest of the other 2 Flax subwoofers, it provides powerful bass without compromise and high SPL.

Performance and high acoustic pressure lovers will be won over by this subwoofer!

P30F Description

  • “Dual Magnet” for more power
  • FLAX® technology for an exclusive cone
  • 14mm Xmax
  • High rigidity for deep and controlled bass
  • Improved excursion thanks to the new suspension
  • Optimised cooling of the voice coil
  • Compact size for a sealed or ported enclosure